"A person moving through space is an example of both positive and negative space; a rearrangement of what is already there. One set of particles into another. Dissolving figuration and de-glorifying the object by merging it into the background."

above. Jean Hollow (side view) 1998 (wood, denim) above. Jean Hollow (front view) 1998 (wood, denim)
above. Running shirt 1994 (wood, cloth) above. Mushroom 1997 (wood, windowframe, cloth) above. Hollow torso 1997 (wood, leather jacket)
above. Torso 2 1995 (wood, t-shirt, shoes) above. Wherever I lay my hat 1995 (wood, straw hat) above. Relief sculpture (female sandals) 1994 (wood, sandals)
above. Hole No.44 Trapped in the myriad of time 1995 (wood, shoes) above. Torso 1 1995 (wood, cloth) above. Relief sculpture (male shoes) 1994 (wood, shoes)